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TLF handles all forms of torts. If the negligence of another leads to injury and/or death, there is a chance TLF can help. This includes automobile wrecks, medical malpractice, premises liability/slip-and-falls, worker's compensation, railroad injuries (FELA claims), intentional/negligent infliction of emotional distress, dog bites, §1983 actions (lawsuits against police/governmental agencies), products liability, toxic torts, and maritime/Jones Act cases.


Wrongful deaths can stem from an infinite number of causes—and these claims have their own article in the Louisiana Civil Code. "If a person dies due to the fault of another, suit may be brought" by family member(s). TLF has handled dozens of these claims, whether involving drunk drivers, neglectful nursing homes, high-speed police chases, or negligent medical personnel.


Lawsuits against 18-wheelers, Big Trucks, company vehicles, and commercial carriers are the cases we litigate every single day at TLF. Our track record against the most destructive of defendants speaks for itself. In this area of law, we routinely recover 7-figure damage awards on behalf of our clients. The stakes are too high with these sorts of cases to entrust a firm that does not specialize in this field.


Beyond a successful and popular injury practice, TLF devotes 25% of resources to pro bono civil rights cases, some of which have garnered international attention. Despite appearances on programs such as Good Morning America, CBS News, and Dr. Oz, we are most honored to have represented nearly 400 clients since opening TLF. Our founder, Chase Trichell, is an outspoken civil rights activist, constitutional law scholar, feminist, criminal justice reformer, LGBTQ+ ally, and advocate for immigrants, those incarcerated, and the homeless.

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